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Spotted At The Sailing Club

I wanted to do these regularly this year but so many times when I’ve seen things to post I’ve not had my phone so couldn’t take a picture.

Tuesday night, just before ten to seven (although to be fair I only know that due to the date stamp on the picture) three of us were chatting.  And then we realised that the clouds had parted somewhat and the sun was visible again.  Bright red in a very gray and previously bland sky.

It didn’t stay long as it was very rapidly setting.  But we all went scrabbling for our phones and just about got pics in time.  It seemed to be changing every minute and set very soon after I took this.  But I think it captures something I love about sailing and that I’ll miss over the winter.

2014-09-23 18.47.02

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  • Angela Harding

    How important to sit outside to see these beautiful sunsets ..it will be 6.45 next Tuesday Ohhh not sure I am ready for dark nights.

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