Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red #TowerPoppies

Mum and I spent a long weekend in London last week. I feel like I have many things to say about that but I’ll start by sharing the photos I took when we went to the Tower of London.  Or at least some of them because I took loads – couldn’t see how they were coming out due to the sun reflecting on the screen of my phone. But luckily almost all of them are brilliant.

We went to see the Poppies exhibit there. It’s official title is apparently Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red but I’ve only heard people refer to the Poppies. Which was amazing.  Basically, they are planting ceramic poppies in the moat surrounding the Tower of London.  They started a couple of months ago I think and the last will be planted on Rememberance Day in November.  At that point there will be 888,246 poppies – one for each British solider killed in the First World War.  Here is the official website.

We’d heard that the best place to see the poppies was from outside the Tower and given that only the Crown Jewels have full wheelchair access had decided not to go into the Tower itself.  When we arrived and we could see them a bit I thought we might need to change our minds.  But as we got closer we could see much more.  And actually we were able to walk around the entireity of the Tower and see everything.  I’m convinced that we wouldn’t have been able to see the Poppies from inside the tower due to it’s design.

2014-09-21 11.19.19 2014-09-21 11.26.24 2014-09-21 11.26.55 2014-09-21 11.29.19 2014-09-21 11.29.35 2014-09-21 12.42.52 2014-09-21 12.35.54(Images are 7 different views of the so-called “Poppies” exhibit at the Tower of London.  Because of the nature of the exhibit different parts of the moat are fuller than others and the various pictures reflect this.  Some famous landmarks can be seen in the background of a couple of the pictures)

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