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You Know You’ve Got CP When…

…you get really annoyed when people try to make everything that ever happens to you into a “disability thing” and assume that if you try to do something it’s got to be “because you’ve got CP.” Then you get half way through writing a blog entry about someone remembering you when you meet for the second time, months after the first time and the words “you know you’ve got CP when…” floated through your brain as it happened.

Only to stop writing and delete it when you realise that you’re doing it too.  Assuming that it happened because of CP.

It’s not (necessarily) a CP thing that she remembered me 7 months after I first did one of her mosaic workshops, thought for a moment and said “it’s Emma isn’t it?” and then later commented “didn’t you come with your mum last time?”

I wasn’t the only person returning from the first workshop (the venue hasn’t done a mosaics one in between) and she said to a couple of them “you came before.”

If I’m going to get really very annoyed with people make those assumptions I’ve got to bloody well stop doing it myself.  That was an interesting thing to realise.

And in the mean time dyeing my hair has gone from on my to do list to a lot higher priority. Because if I am going to stand out and be noticed why the hell shouldn’t I have purple hair and stand out for something I chose as well as my wheels?


  • Fran Macilvey

    Ha! Ha! Yes, I agree. It is great to be remembered, and lovely to be remembered for a better reason than having CP or being in a wheelchair or whatever. (‘I warmed to you because you wear a distinctive swimsuit’ for example….) But hey, I’m not so fussy these days. I appreciate being remembered, which is so much nicer than being overlooked. Lots of people are remembered for being obnoxious, I assume, so there are worse things.

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