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Soha, the housing association I rent from, have started a blog.  It’s called Get Greener With Soha and it’s written by staff and tenants as a place to share hints, tips, hobbies etc all around a theme of getting greener and being more sustainable.

I’m one of the residents who has posting access and I’ve been writing about ways to get cheaper (or otherwise more sustainable) books – I think I’m a bit more on the sustainable is thrifty and looking for cheaper side of things than the sustainable is green side of things that a lot of the other bloggers have been going down.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about libraries and why they are a great resource.

Yesterday I wrote a post about ways to get second hand books.  And immediately after I posed the link on my personal facebook page someone posted another way of getting second hand books which I’d known about and meant to include but forgot. Yeah.  Good at the writing not at proofing or checking my writing, that’s me.

I have at least one more post in mind about cheap sustainable books.  And then I might have to find another topic to write about.  Or just witter on a bit more about reading.

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  1. You star the computer did not register the s and I thought I was going to end up with tar*…witter on indeed….I have lost the joy of reading for fun…how do I get that back?

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