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You Know You’ve Got CP When…

…whilst at a famous London landmark a child chooses your wheelchair as the thing he’s going to take holiday photos of. Sod the landmark, her chair’s got lights!*

They’re resurfacing the road/path outside my house so I headed home a different way to usual. And doing so meant I had to go in the road a tiny bit (which along with it being a bit out of the way is why I don’t normally go that way). So I put the hazard lights on my chair on. As I did so I remembered this story from a month ago and thought “how the hell did I forget to blog about this?”

Mum and I went to London for the weekend last month.  We went to see the poppies at the Tower of London. I blogged about that and shared some of the photos I took. If you only have time to read one blog entry, skip this one and go look at the pics.

I used my seat riser to put myself up a bit and see a bit better. I was creeping (it goes into a creep or crawl mode when it’s up and I move) through the crowds for a while as we looked with it still up. As well as making it easier for me to see it makes it slightly easier to get through the crowd as I’m more noticeable being on the same height as standing people.

We were stopped looking at one point and a lady next to me asked about my chair.  She seemed very impressed by the riser and how useful it is, mentioned working with some disabled children and how it would help them.  With her was a little boy probably no more than seven (but I am rubbish at guessing ages) who I think was her son.

He was also really taken with my chair. He liked the lights.  I put them on and showed him. I was chatting to his mum a little bit and taking photos of the poppies.

The little boy was also taking photos.

of my chair and it’s lights.

I was amused imagining the story of what he did on his weekend in London and the tales at school the next day.  And of the time in ten years when they find those photos and remember a day when it wasn’t a brilliant exhibition at a London landmark that he wanted to remember but the lights on a wheelchair.  Or more than likely they find the pictures and think “what the hell is that?”

Because only when you’ve got CP is a part of you what captures a child’s imagination and becomes part of their holiday snaps.

*this is what I like to imagine his thoughts on the matter were.

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