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Rainy, Reading, Resting Day

12:55pm Saturday It’s kinda rainy today (although it has stopped raining and brighted up a bit). And I’m tired and a bit blah.  But it’s Dewey’s 24 hour readathon today so that’s basically the perfect circumstances.

I’ll be updating my progress here on this post (and maybe on twitter too) through out the day.  Probably going to be a little late getting started though as I need to make a sandwich first. I’m not sure what I’ll be reading but I think I’ve finally settled on my first book.  A reread of an old favourite. I’d call it a childhood favourite but although I loved the series as a child I never read this particular book until I was an adult.

3:03pm I didn’t get started reading until about 1:30. And I didn’t manage to read the book I planned to because it seems the free copy I downloaded from the net is an epub and I can’t read that on my PC. Will have to hunt for an app.

But it was a Chalet School book I’d wanted to read and I did manage to find another one I could read.  It also is another one that I didn’t read for the first time until I was an adult. Adrienne and the Chalet School by Elinor M. Brent Dyer. 174 pages.

Total so far: 1 book, 174 pages

4:34pm Last week I did the first of three sessions on a mosaic making workshop. The next is next week and the final one the week after.  I’ve started making a mirror and have divided the frame into sections. I still need ideas for the 5th section and ever since I did another mosaic workshop a few years ago I’ve had a copy of A Beginners Guide to Mosaic by Peter Massey and Alison Slater on my shelf (46 pages).  So I got it down and had a look to see if there was anything I liked and that might work for that final section.  And maybe there is. I’m not sure because most of the designs are for big things but I could possibly use some of the patterns used for edging to fill my final section (I’m doing a pattern/geometric based design rather than a picture of a thing).

It’s maybe a bit of a cheat but it’s a book I’ve been meaning to look at all week.

Total so far: 2 books, 220 pages

19:33 my dinner is in the oven (jacket potatoes) and whilst waiting for the oven to heat up and then while they cook I read The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West (141 pages – it’s actually a few more but I skipped the afterword).  It’s a good book! A unique perspective on the First World War and something of a classic without being hard going. Also Chris, the soldier in the book, is disabled. Yay for books including disabled characters.

I chose that because it’s one of the 1001 books you must read before you die (here’s a link to the goodreads group for the book). I have been using the list for inspiration for the past several years (since 2009 I think). The list has been updated several times and I’m using a master list of every book that’s ever been on it – 1305 of them.  The Return of the Soldier is the 150th book I’ve read from the list.

I like jacket potatoes for a readathon dinner because they’re yummy and also take a long time to cook with no effort which gives me a set amount of time to get lots of reading in. An enforced deadline if you will so I don’t get board and start wondering about twitter or whatever.

Total so far: 3 books, 361 pages.

Midnight: I’ve spent a long time faffing since my last update. But I did a 30 minute reading sprint with some people from twitter. I started reading The Gathering by Anne Enright in that time and read 55 pages.  It’s another of the 1001 books and I think interesting is the best word for it.  It’s certainly not going to be a quick or easy read.

Then a bit later I did another 15 minute reading sprint (that’s just finished) and I started reading Carnation of the Upper Fourth by Elinor M. Brent Dyer. It’s late and I wanted something quick and easy to read. Plus I’ve never read this one of her books so it’s a treat. I’ve managed 30 pages in that 15 minutes.

I’m winding down for the evening now and probably won’t update again until early in the morning. But more than likely I’ll read a few pages once I’m in bed.

Total so far: 3 books, 2 partial books, 446 pages

Sunday 12:25pm I meant to get up at 9 but as by the time I’d read a bit more and was in bed with the light out it was 2am I didn’t actually end up surfacing till 11 is.  I’ve just read for about 35-40 minutes and finished reading Carnation of the Upper Fourth by Elinor M. Brent Dyer.  (149 pages total) I liked it a lot.  The one down side of her stand alone books is I want to read more about the characters but there isn’t any more!

I think that’s probably it for the readathon for me.  I want to get a chunk of my knitting done this afternoon though so I’ll probably put an audiobook on while I’m doing that (I’m listening to Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimmage by Haruki Murakami). It’s weird that I’ve not listened to any audiobooks during the readathon because they’re pretty much a readathon staple for me.  But that said I’ve not been listening to audiobooks really this year and don’t think I’ve actually finished a single one.

Total for the October 2014 readathon: 4 books, 1 partial book 565 pages


  • Katja (@Eeyorenyk)

    Hi there
    Just checking in to tell you how great it is that you’re a part of Dewey Read-a-Thon. I’m actually cheering on some of the twitter readers but I couldn’t help looking at the other teams to look for new exciting blogs. 😀
    I hope you’re having a great time and happy reading!
    Xoxo Eeyorenyk from Team Butler

  • tanabata

    Jacket potatoes are a great idea for readathon food! We’re probably going to be doing Mexican take away later for our dinner.
    You’re doing great, having already finished some books! Good luck as you keep on reading! And I hope you have a great readathon!

  • Samantha

    It sounds like you are doing really GREAT so far!! Three books is more than I can usually accomplish in one week 🙂 And your dinner sounds yummy if I do say so. LOL! Keep up the great work! I hope that you are having lots of fun today!!!!

  • Shaina

    Here’s some cheer for you when you wake up to continue reading! 🙂

    Even if you didn’t read a page more, 446 pages is a count to be proud of! Go you!

    Happy read-a-thon! #rahrahreadathon

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