One of my old school friends, Katherine, was nominated for the Liebster Award. It’s one of those award meme things that bloggers pass on to their friends and other bloggers.  Specifically this one is for newbie bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

I’m not a newbie blogger, I’ve been blogging for practically 14 years so in choosing me as one of her 11 bloggers to pass the award on to she’s breaking the “rules” and being a rebel.  I don’t know or care how many people follow my blog, it’s not why I write. I write because I love to write and because I get so much out of it. I am however grateful to those who do read and especially to those who take the time to comment be it here, in person, on facebook, twitter, whatever.

I could tell you how many twitter followers I have (only because I looked it up earlier) but that’s a false number to be honest and I don’t know it has any real meaning – so many of those I’m sure aren’t on twitter anymore or are following so many people or with such filtered timelines that I rarely show up in their feed. I suspect less than 25% of the 800+ people following me on twitter are actively paying attention and seeking out what I say and would notice if I stopped tweeting.

But anyway my point is I’m probably not the right sort of person to nominate for one of these chain award memes. Especially this one

I’m supposed to nominate my 11 favourite blogs to pass it on to. I’m not going to even try. I read a lot of blogs but it’s no longer a huge list of frequently updated blogs that I read religiously everytime they post. It’s an article here and an article there. Someone posts a link somewhere or I google and I read something relevant.  A big part of that is many of my old favourite blogs are no longer updated or are updated much less frequently.  For some reason I’ve never gone out looking for ones to fill the metaphorical gaps left in my RSS reader.

I do in many ways miss the days when blogs were the big thing and I had friends who blogged and bloggers who became friends.  But at the same time I love twitter and facebook (mostly) and the closer and more instant relationship it’s given me to the same (and more) people.

So if you’re looking for a blog to read other than mine I can’t recommend my favourites as I don’t seem to have any more.  But as a thank you for thinking of me and nominating me I will point you towards Katherine. She has more blogs than I can keep track of (I don’t know how she keeps track of them all either) but she was nominated for and nominated me on her My Reading Paradise blog.

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