Random Bullet Points of Life

Haven’t blogged in ages – these are the points I can get down in the time before my dinner is ready.

  • I may be going to make big changes to my blog next year. But I’m still not 100% decided on exactly what these will involve.  I am almost there though.
  • My twenty things project is going well
  • Swimming is my next big goal to work on for that I think (not counting the goal I’ve already arranged – Cirque du Soleil)
  • I received mostly books for my birthday and am absolutely drowning in them at the moment. Despite this I still hope to get mostly books for Christmas.
  • We attempted to go to the theatre on Saturday for my birthday but didn’t manage it because the lift was broken. I’m told it’s fixed and our tickets have been exchanged for another showing on Thursday. But I’ll only believe I’m really going to get to see the show when I’m sat in the theatre.
  • A few weeks ago we tried out a folk show for the first time.  The jury is out on that because she mostly did Christmas songs and didn’t feel like a comfortable performer. Plus, I went with my mum and she hates Christmas music.
  • I seem to have been doing a lot of research into disability history lately and it’s very interesting. But the problem is I find it so interesting that I need to look up a particular point for my writing (novel) and then I go off on a massive research tangent once I have the answer I need and don’t actually write.
  • There is potentially something exciting but very secret going to happen at some point next year. It’s so secret that literally all I’ve been told is something exciting might happen but not exactly what and that it’s confidential. I’m quite bemused by this.

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