Book of the Year

I’ve seen a lot of people discussing on their blogs or social media what their “book of the year 2014” is.  So I started thinking about what mine is.  And let me tell you it’s a tough pick.

In 2013 I read 140 books or (according to Goodreads) 38,021 pages. That’s not strictly true because some of the books I listed were audiobooks but I count them as having been read so add them to Goodreads.  My goal for this year was to read 100 books.  I read a lot of short books last year and knew that I planned to read longer books this year.  I haven’t actually finished many longer books but that was the plan. So far I’ve read 95 books this year or 22,940 pages. And I can easily without really thinking about it come up with way more than 5 books I started but didn’t finish.  I’ve also gone through several dry ish spells when it comes to reading books (I have been reading fanfic obssesively however but that’s not unusual).

Last year picking my favourite books of the year was easy.  I’m not sure if I actually blogged and said “this is my favourite book of 2013” but I read several that totally blew me away and I still rave about now.  Fever by Mary Beth Keane is one of them and if you search on my blog you’ll find several mentions of it.

This year I’ve read some books that I’ve loved.  But thinking about it and looking back through the list of what I’ve read (on Goodreads) there doesn’t seem to be any absolutely stand out books that I’ve raved about incessantly.

My favourite book of the year is probably going to be The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman.  I’m loving the book I’m reading now though (The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown) and it does occur to me I should wait till this year is over to declare a winner.  Don’t Call Me Inspirational by Harilyn Rousso is another contender as is An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield.

I think in 2015 I want to devote more time to reading – I might not have felt like reading much over the last month or two but I have missed it.  And it’s definitely time to tackle those longer books I missed this year.


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