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I’ve been doing lots of writing lately.  Lots of writing in places other than this.  So I thought I should probably come and share a few links here.  There are a couple more articles I’m waiting to be posted and at least one I’ve yet to write.  It’s all good writing wise so far this year but I really need to write some of my novel as I’ve not touched that since I think the day after New Year’s Day.  I don’t want to turn down blogging or writing opportunites but I may need to find some balance between those and novelling.

Before Christmas I spent some time writing for Disability Horizons which resulted in a Boxing Day – 10 Things To Do If You’re Bored.  I’m obviously very late posting that link here on my blog but some of them are probably still relevant on a bored day anytime of year.  The one about pimping a mobility aid with Christmas decorations probably isn’t though.  Unless you’re going to a fancy dress party dressed as a Christmas Tree.

I did that once during my a’levels. I forgot (or never got round to sorting out, I can’t remember which) that we were supposed to be having a fancy dress thing during our weekly general tutorial session. It was December and at the last minute – practically as my taxi to college arrived and I was going out the door –  mum sent me off with a bag of Christmas decorations. Once I got there I chucked a load over me and my chair, called it done and told everyone I was a Christmas Tree.  I won one of the prizes too.  If memory serves however the person who won over all had dressed up as one of the tutors.

Anyway, I should get back on topic.

I’ve started doing a memory jar this year.  It’s interesting but having decided that I’ll put something in there for everyday I did flounder a little bit for what to put yesterday. I suspect that might be the case on mundane average days fairly regularly but I want to do the jar and when I stop to think about it I can usually find something worth remembering fairly quickly.  I wrote about the idea for the jar and why I’m doing it over on the Greener Soha blog.

Finally (for now) a while ago a few people on twitter set up a blog for writing about the Social Model of Disability.  I agreed to contribute and then within a few days forgot about it (which, judging by the blog everyone else did too – or they’ve not had anything to say).  It’s called No, That’s Not What The Social Model of Disability Means.

Anyway recently I was reading a post on a disability group and getting a bit annoyed about what they claimed about the social model.  Which made me remember that blog.  I’ve not written about that incident yet – I keep changing my mind about whether I should.  But I have reposted something I wrote and posted here late in 2013 about the models of disability – Quick and Dirty Disability Theory


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