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Self Care Sunday

I’m sure there are plenty of things I’ve done this week that can be considered taking care of myself but mostly all I can think of right now is I took a nap this afternoon and I’ve got a dinner in the oven I’m looking forward too.  I’m still quite sleepy to be honest.

I have in a miniscule way eaten slightly healthier this week. But lets not pretend that my diet could ever be called actually healthy.

Oh and I’ve had my Just Dance 2015 out and used it on several days so that’s exercise. Plus, three uses of the standing frame.  Although the standing frame is very definitely physio and not exercise. Physio is important.

This is quite a disjointed blog entry to be honest but sometimes days and weeks are like that and that means the blog entries about them are too.

I’ve just remembered what it was I was going to write about for Self Care Sunday.

Today is the second day this week I’ve been a homebody and chilled rather than going out.  That’s unusual for me at any time of year. It’s even more unusual at this time of year when the always present fear of bad weather leaving me housebound for several days exists Tuesday I was home mostly because of the weather, today because I had nowhere to go and kept thinking “I’ll go for a wander in a bit” and never made it out.  It got to 4pm and I was on the phone to mum. She pointed out if I was going for that wander I should go soon before it got dark. I admitted to myself that leaving the house wasn’t going to happen because I just didn’t want to and went to bed instead.

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