Self Care Sunday

I’m beginning to suspect that starting up these Self Care Sunday blog posts again was a mistake.  I don’t feel like I’ve got a lot to say and stopping to think about it can get stressful.

But actually I think I have still done things this week that are self care.  Little things not really worth mentioning but worth doing perhaps? I can’t remember what I wrote here last week but I think it might have been something similar to this.  Next week may well turn out to be a week with more self care because of what it’s planned to involve.  That doesn’t help me with what to write this week though.

Since I last updated about my writing I’ve written a couple of thousand words of my novel which is a good thing and much better than the 0 it had stood at for the few weeks before.

I continue to fill a jar with things to remember about this year. Sometimes I have a default obvious thing to write and others, like today, I don’t seem to have anything. Today’s might well end up being I read fanfic all afternoon. But I’m about to force myself offline and go do some knitting so that might change yet…

And earlier this week I managed a 50 minute session in my standing frame.

Ignoring the negative things I want to write like “I have spent entirely too much time online this week” I think that’s all I’ve got to say on the subject of Self Care for this particular Sunday.

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