Random Bullet Points of Life


Random bullet points of life: for the little things worth mentioning or worth remembering that might not need their own entry

  • I destroyed my wheelchair charger last week. Luckily just the kettle lead part so I was able to resurrect it temporarily.  I’ve since got a whole new charger because I’d been debating for months about whether I should have a spare.
  • I got my powerchair serviced when they brought me my new charger and needed new back casters. The technician had some old ones from another chair on his van so put those on because there were nothing wrong with them, I’d probably get and few months use from them and that would be cheaper for me (and in fact did that without checking with me GRRR). I’m hoping that’s not a decision to regret.
  • The charger/service/new to me castors combo is expensive. But as always it’s much less expensive and much longer lasting than taxis to everywhere I would need to go.
  • I’m waiting for a tesco delivery right now and had declared the waiting time as writing time. So I’m updating my blog.  Which almost but doesn’t really count
  • At the new year I decided I was going to go out and write out of the house at least once a week.  I did that a bit on Sunday. And I did it properly today. Winning there at last.
  • London Paddington is probably the most frustrating train station I’ve ever been to for assisted travel. It just edges out Ascot who get a pass for how rude they were to me last time I was there due to the fact my train had terminated unexpectedly and they had to rush to get me off a train with literally zero warning. Paddington were just rude and unhelpful.
  • Everytime I start going back through old blog entries I get lost in them for ages. I was just looking for a story I know I’ve blogged about before – a funny thing that happened on a years ago trip to Paddington – to link in this and couldn’t find it but did read every single entry I’ve ever tagged with trains (13 of them I think) and only stopped because I ran out of them.
  • Yesterday’s snow was disappointing. It forced me to cancel my plans for the morning but was cleared up enough for me to go to my mums as planned for the evening. Which was good.  But I’d have liked it if it stayed snowy today so I could have had a PJ day with naps and books and knitting while watching tv. I’m tried today.
  • I’m trying to get better at saying no.
  • I’m knitting a boring square (one colour, plain knit, boring) at the moment and am ready to be done with it.

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