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Self Care Sunday

I think I’ve done good with self care this week.  Nothing hugely tangible but I’ve definitely done better at saying no to things and enforcing my limits. And although I didn’t manage to spend the entire day yesterday offline like I’d thought about doing I have managed to spend less time online in general.  Whilst I do really enjoy days that are completely offline I think a general reduction would probably be better or at least do me more good. It’s still a work in progress though and probably always will be.

Unfortunately I’ve also had a bit of an access problem this week and I probably didn’t handle that too well.  Or at least not when someone only vaguely related to what happened inserted themselves into a discussion about it and started telling me I had to understand the stituation and also that it was a mistake that probably shouldn’t have happened. Someone who appeared not to understand the situation themselves. Mostly due to their able priviledge.

I did manage to escape from that situation and from another where I (stupidly) put myself in a situation of having to deal with someone I can’t stand due to their being an arrogant idiot without wanted to bang my head against a brick wall though.

It seems like I’ve not a lot to say this week but on the whole it’s generally very positive.

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