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Nothing to report

There isn’t much to report today but in the spirit of trying to blog more about the normal, mundane and boring I thought I’d post about it. I was going to title this post “dispatches from today” but I wsn’t sure if the correct spelling was dispatches or despatches so I didn’t.

I was at CAB this morning where I did one gateway and one appointment. And hung around a lot because the system was down so I couldn’t really do any research and campaigning stuff (as social policy has been renamed) like I normally would if I had a free frew minutes.

Then I popped into Soha where I got to see several people I’ve not seen for a while including one I’ve not seen for months and months which was very nice to catch up.  I feel like we achieved a lot and I was writing part of a piece about blogging for tenants times. Which was very useful because although my lack of enthusiasm for blogging that I had a few months ago had mostly gone it reminded me exactly what I love it and made me feel much more energised.

Once I was home I made several phone calls including have a long chat with a friend I’ve not seen for a few weeks. Interestingly I told her something that had been said to me and she’s probably the 4th, maybe the 5th person I’ve told that. Every single one has immediately said some variation on the person who said it was lying. I am amused.

I got interupted at that point by my Dad coming to do standing with me. I managed 30 minutes which seems to be pretty standard for the moment but my legs, particularly my ankles felt very tight. I’ve tried to do a few rotations of them since then. That might need to be a more regular thing but it’s so easy to forget to do it.  I was keeping a spreadsheet of how long I spent in the frame each time I use it this year but I’ve given up mostly because I forgot several times. I attempted the same thing last year although I did keep it going for longer then.

I then went to Thursday night knitting. We call it knitting even when we do other stuff. Even our former group member who only did crochet used to text and say she couldn’t make knitting or whatever. I was, in fact, doing some crochet tonight.  I’m quite pleased with how it’s coming out even though I’ve only done a tiny bit. I was less pleased when I got there and my friend pointed out the ball of yarn I’d put in my bag had unravelled slightly and was hanging down and caught in my wheel. ARGH. It seems as though she got pretty much all of it out though so no worries.


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