Self Care Sunday

I’m eating maltesers whilst writing this. I treated myself to a maltesers easter egg when I went to Sainsburys on Friday, ate the egg yesterday and left the maltesers for today. That’s probably more self indulgence rather than self care (self care would be cutting down the amount of chocolate I eat which realistically is something I desperately need to do). But they are yummy and I don’t care.  Last year I treated myself to several maltesers easter eggs but I am hoping to find more willpower this year and have this be the only one.

It’s not been a great week to be honest. My mood has been pretty low at times – sort of zig zagged between that and normal.  I should probably do something about that but as yet I haven’t despite keep thinking “I’ll do XYZ tomorrow.”  Probably a visit to the GP wouldn’t go amiss but most of the GPs I know have left the surgery over the last year and a bit (I don’t think I’ve seen a GP since last March), my GP is someone I’ve never met now and the GP who used to be mine is still there but for very few hours and is very hard to get an appointment is. To be honest it feels like getting an appointment would be stressful and going might not be much better.  Which is crap I should probably just go. Or take my damn meds or something – it’s roughly a year since I stopped taking ADs,

What has been good this week?

I read a short novel cover to cover on Friday and really enjoyed it.

I started making plans for a friend and I go do something I’ve wanted to for ages

Next week I should finally be having coffee (I have no idea why I call it having coffee when I don’t like coffee but I do) with someone from an online/offline writers group – that’s been on the cards for a few weeks but schedules and the distance apart we live have made it tricky to arrange.

I had lunch with a good friend I’ve not seen in a few months. That was a lot of fun and the pizza I had was delicious. I keep swearing that next time we go I’ll choose something else but I never do… And I just interupted writing this to send her and email about going for a drink or something one evening like we’d talked about. Not letting things slip.

Curating the Oxford is Yours twittter account has been an interesting experience too.

So perhaps I’ve had a better week than it would first seem.  But a proper look at my mental health is still something that I need to do. Much as I’d rather not.

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