You Know You Have CP When…

…you’re glad the intercom at the doctors isn’t working (or they aren’t using it) because the click it makes when they first call always makes you jump involuntarily.

Most people probably didn’t even notice it or they did but they didn’t pay it much attention. But it’s just nice to sit still without my whole body flinching every few minutes. Particularly when feeling rubbish like I was when I was there on Thursday. The bonus of that was that I also didn’t need to try and open the door myself or find someone to help me (the receptionists usually listen out for my name and come).

And the sound of the doctors and nurses walking down, opening the door to the waiting room and calling people’s name wasn’t making me startle.

Until the doctor came down and called my name. I jumped so much she saw it from several metres away. She said “Sorry Emma”

It wasn’t her, it was CP. I don’t know if she understood that from what I said. A lot of people don’t

Seriously. If ever there was a moment when “you know you’ve got CP when” is appropriate it’s when you start off glad something’s happening because it means you aren’t startling. And then the self same thing makes you startle.

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