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Self Care Sunday

It’s been a much better week than the previous one. Which is good. I’d almost say it’s been a surprisingly good week but that might be taking it too far.

I’ve been taking my meds as prescribed and am up to 50mg now. I’d been convinced when I saw the doctor that might not do it (because I was on 100mg of the same med before) but actually I now think it might. It’s early days though so best to leave it and see.

One of the things that I’ve been wanting to do (that’s on my twenty things list) is now planned and I’m going to do it with one of my friends at the end of this week. I’m looking forward to that. I should also be doing another of them next week and am hoping to sneak a third in either this week or next depending on time constraints (both the thing I’m doing this week and the thing I hope to do next week should be close enough to the third to fit it in while there if I have time).

And I’ve been taking time out to read. Which is huge because I was so down I didn’t have the motivation to do that which if you know me well was a worrying sign. I read the most amazing book over the last two days and just totally lost myself in it. I’ll post a review of it tomorrow.

In fact I think I’ll leave this here and go get some lunch before doing some more reading.

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