Self Care Sunday

I think next Sunday may well be the last of these Self Care Sunday entries. Every week for three months is a pretty good run after all. And I yet again feel like there isn’t much to say. I had been thinking about doing this through April though so I’ll play it by ear I guess.

I just took my sertraline for I think the first time since Monday. I deliberately didn’t take it Tuesday because I forgot first thing in my rush to catch the train and by the time I was back in the hotel I’d just had a glass of fizz (what I assume was prosecco but I didn’t see the bottle) and wasn’t sure the alcohol and meds combo was a good idea. No idea what happened Weds and when I tried to take it with my tea Thursday night I couldn’t findl the blister pack I thought was in my bag and never thought of it when  I got home. And I just haven’t since then. Good bad.  Good that I’ve taken it, bad that I’ve been so lax.


Not sure what else there is to say about this week. I enjoyed London and did something I wanted to do back in November but wasn’t able to do. I wasn’t able to see my friend I’d planned to and do what I’d planned to do this time which was very frustrating.  I may go back to London for the day and do that soon, probably by myself.  I’m not sure yet.

And I’ve been reading a fair amount and finally (yesterday) watched a film I’ve been meaning too for several week if not longer.



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