Self Care Sunday

Bullet point form because I’m feeling lazy and can’t be bothered with anything else

  • I have done substantially better with taking my Sertraline this week
  • Yesterday was a very busy but fun day and I got to meet a twitter friend for drinks. I think we’ll do it again and could be good friends
  • On the subject of friends I’m trying to arrrange to meet up with someone I’ve not seen in ten or eleven years. I’m not sure it’ll come off but I hope it will
  • I have treated myself to yarn that’s probably completely inappropriate for the project I plan to use it for but I really love – it’s fun looking.
  • I completely avoided the bookshops when I was in Reading. I did go in Smiths but mostly just to walk through as the road I normally walk down was being dug up.  Reading down my TBR seems to be going well.
  • And I’ve made some healthier food choices this week. Not enough but some.

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