A to Z Blogging Challenge

(I had intended to post this a couple of days ago but the last two have been good but busy)

A to Z blogging challenge logo
The A to Z blogging challenge logo for April 2015. A yellow flower on a blue background

I’m taking part in the A to Z blogging challenge this month.  The idea is that everyday (except Sundays*) people post a short piece on their blog inspired by the letter of the day.  So today being the 1st of April would be A and 30th April would be Z.  These posts can be completely random or on a theme throughout the entire month.  People can then visit and comment on other blogs that are participating.

I’m looking forward to the writing aspects of it as I think it’ll be a challenge and it’s a long time (several months) since I’ve blogged on a consistant daily basis.  But I’m also really looking forward to discovering some new blogs – it seems as though lately all I read are tweets and facebook pages and way less blogs.  I miss actual blogs.

I haven’t set a definite theme for my posts – I thought I’d work around the rough theme of The A to Z of Emma and try and post about something I like or do or think about for each letter.  I’ve not really planned this in advance.  Some letters will be easy and have an obvious choice and others have two or three things I could choose (C is one such) and at the moment X and Z stump me and will be tricky.

My hope is to get the pieces up relatively early each morning but that’s going to have to be a bit flexible on days when i have morning commitments like CAB.

(*the challenge says no posts on Sundays but I still intend to post my “Self Care Sunday” pieces as I have since the beginning of the year)

Here is the schedule:

A to Z blogging challenge calender
A calender showing the dates/days and which letter to write about. It has the same blue background and yellow flower as the logo

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