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D is for Depression

The letter D in yellow superimposed over the Blogging for A to Z logo
The letter D in yellow superimposed over the Blogging for A to Z logo

I got part way through writing a post on a different subject for D (D is for disability advocacy) when I changed my mind and decided to write about depression.

I have depression.  I’ve been on and off of antidepressants since 2003 and am currently taking them – I came off of them part way through last year and was off of them for almost a year before I crashed (well, I call it that) and had to go back on the meds although at a lower dose. I’ve been back on Sertraline since the end of February and am feeling a lot better.  I’m surprised how much better given how very low I was feeling.

The most important thing I’d like to tell people about depression is that it’s much more common than you’d expect and you definitely aren’t alone.  When I was at uni and first diagnosed I started to finally tell more people about how I felt (the first antidpressant I was on made me hideously nauseaous and it was easier to tell the truth when people commented on my green tinge than avoid the question) I was incredibly shocked by how many people told me that they  too either took antidpressants or had done in the past.  If I’d known that it might not have felt like such a huge terrible horrible thing to go to the doctors and ask for help (my best friend had been telling me for months I needed to but I was too scared) and I might have felt better much sooner.


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