E is for…

(a late post today because I’ve been making the most of this sunny Bank Holiday Monday and after laying in bed all morning I’ve been in the garden most of the afternoon reading and crocheting)

The letter E superimposed over the Blogging for A to Z challenge logo
The letter E superimposed over the Blogging for A to Z challenge logo

E is for Emma

I thought I could use this post to do a brief about me. I first thought about doing five facts you might not know about me but with as long as I’ve been blogging I think that’s a tricky one. So I’ll stick with telling a bit about myself and attempting not to cover anything that’s getting a letter of it’s own. It maybe disjointed it’s written and things come to me

I’m Emma. I’m 33 and my birthday is Christmas Day.  I live in the UK, specifically in South Oxfordshire.

I seem to have lots of people I know and chat to but not many friends and certainly not local ones.However  I have made two new localish friends this year.

I’m close to my family and am going to be an aunt for the first time in October.

Facebook drives me crazy and if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m in a couple of very useful groups I’d happily delete my profile.

Twitter however is one of the best things ever.  I’m @FunkyFairy22 on there.

I’m messy and disorganised and can be argumentative. I’ve been told I often say the things everyone else is thinking but not saying due to politeness. I worry about other people a lot and should probably learn to put myself first more.

I swear a lot.

If somewhere has bad access I’ll make sure they know it. Particularly if it’s easily solved. If things improve I try to acknowledge that. I’m not so good at acknowledging access that’s just good because it’s what I expect and I don’t see why I should. It has to surprise me before I do that.

Telling me that I’m more than my disability or that you don’t see me as disabled pisses me off. It’s kinda insulting because I am disabled and that influences who I am even though it’s not all I am.

I hate tea and coffee but am addicted to caffeine.  I drink mostly water and coke and I get headaches after more than a day without coke.

I read a lot, spend entirely too much time on the internet and don’t watch a lot of TV.  Googlebox is a current favourite though.

And as the tag line on this website used to say I’m so much more than “that girl in the wheelchair”

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