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F is for…

The letter F superimposed over the Blogging from A to Z challenge logo
The letter F superimposed over the Blogging from A to Z challenge logo

F is for Fanfiction

I love fanfiction. I’d call it my guilty pleasure but it’s not really guilty at all.It is however a huge part of the reason why I spend entirely too much time online.

As I wrote in my A is for Author post I’ve written fanfiction since before I knew there was such a thing.  It’s a long time since I written any fanfiction but it’s one of my goals to do so this year.  Although the idea that I have is so wildly different from the show (NCIS) it would be based on that I’d have to do little more than change the names and city where it’s set and I’d have an original work. Which might be 100 times more sensible.

Writing fanfic was one of my first experiences of real writing. And it taught me about writing too.  One of the first real lessons I learned about how to improve my writing was about choosing a character’s name to fit them and to fit in with the setting of the story. And that came when I submitted one of my Harry Potter stories to the long defunct GryffindorTower fanfiction archive. They required one of their team to give your work the once over – beta read – so you could edit it if necessary before it was posted.  I didn’t work with him for long (I didn’t submit much there) but i still remember a couple of his tips.


Fanfiction is one of the first things I ever discovered on the Internet. I was googling an old favourite TV show from my teens  (I’m dating myself here but it was California Dreams) when I found it. I loved that someone had taken the time to write stories showing what happened after it ended.  And then I googled something else (ER, I think) and discovered there were stories for that too.  But it wasn’t until I got to uni and had unlimited free Internet at any time right in my room that my real obsession was born.

15 years later and I’ve changed fandoms severral times but I still really enjoy it and read at least one fanfic practically everyday.  You can pretty much guarantee that if I’ve read a book or watched something on TV and loved it I’ve probably gone hunting for it’s fanfic.


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