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G is for…

The letter G superimosed over the Blogging from A to Z logo
The letter G superimosed over the Blogging from A to Z logo

G is for “Gah! I’m stuck!”

I’ve been struggling with what to write about for G.

I had thought about writing about Games.  I like playing games online.  I’m not big on things like farmville.  I used to play Mafia Wars years ago. So long ago I can’t remember what you have to do. And I played Candy Crush for ages but gave up when it started getting to the point I needed to regularly buy stuff to continue.  I play stuff like solitaire and one off games on sites like RoyalGames most often.  But at the moment I’ve got Burger Bustle on my iPad and I’m playing that a lot.  Not sure what I’ll play when I’m finished with it but I guess that’s a few weeks away (I’m about 50% through).  I like playing board games too but living alone don’t really have people to play them with often.

I had decided not to write about games because I didn’t have much to say (looking at what I’ve written above it appears that wasn’t true).

So I wondered about writing about Goodreads but other than “it’s site about books where I list what I read” there’s nowt to say.

G could have stood for Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon – a book that’s sat unread on my shelf for years. I picked it up again last week.  But it’s boring and I don’t think I understand it.  I’m less than 40 pages in and it’s sat untouched for days since then. I think I’m going to abandon it.

Or I could use the G to stand for God. As in Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre.  That’s another book that sat unread for years.  I was putting off reading it but today I decided to take it on the train and give it another go (having been annoyed by it and put it down years ago).  I really enjoyed it and read all of it today.

Green came to mind but I’m not a huge fan of the colour (it’s OK but it’s not a favourite) and whilst I try to be green in terms of the environment I’m not completely anal about it or the best at it.

So I gave up.

G will have to stand for “gah! I’m stuck.”


“Given up. Go away and come back tomorrow when I’ll hopefully have something more sensible to stay”

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