H is for…

H is for home.

Home for me is a flat in Didcot.  I’ve lived here for almost ten years and it’s cluttered and currently very messy in places.  But it’s brilliant.

It’s in the perfect location for me – close to town and right by the train station. I don’t need to get taxis to get anywhere which saves me a lot of money.

It’s fully adapted to my needs and was as it was built (I’m the only person who has lived here).  It’s not as nice as it was when it was first built and really needs a lick or two of paint in places.  But it’s also got a lot more personality then the empty shell I first moved in to.

But home is more than a place.

Home is a feeling of being safe

of being independent

Of realising that I can do things and go places and achieve them because living in an environment that’s fully accessible to me and has what I need (as well as a couple of very useful things I didn’t know to ask for but use and benefit from) has meant that I could stop having carers and also that I’m able to do things and go places and live – I have so much more energy in an accessible environment than I do in one where I can just about manage but it’s a struggle – like the flat I lived in before.

Most of all it’s my place and my space where I can just be

I love it.

3 thoughts on “H is for…”

  1. Hello from snowy Nebraska. I’m Emily Disraeli and I’m a book reader in a wheelchair. I have been following your blog for a few months now and I do enjoy reading about another persons experiences. I keep saying to my self that it’s not just me who has done that or thinks this way. What I really like about you is you don’t bitch about how unfair life is, no drama queen here. Good on you, cheers.

  2. As I wander through the list of blogs in the A to Z I sort of get used to the vast majority of them being USA based so it was rather nice to see the first line. . . . Home for me is a flat in Didcot. . . . . . Well that bounced me back to the UK sharpish.

    I hope the A to Z is going to plan and all the very best as you work your way towards Z. I should be visiting more blogs but it has been sunny and so I have been outside making the most of it and shouting at the grass to stop growing.

    Rob Z Tobor

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