Reading down my TBR Pile (week 3)

This week I’ve been reading books that are on the 1001 books you must read before you die list.  Also, since I started this challenge three weeks ago I have been into Reading twice for various reasons and despite walking past both branches of Waterstones each time I didn’t go in.

The Trial by Franz Kafka ebook, 276 pages on TBR since August 2011

If I’m completely honest this book was a little hard going.  I read it on an app of free ebooks I’ve got on my iPad – one of the first apps I got (hence why I know the date) and it’s not the first time I’ve tried to read this book.  I’m glad I perserved and it was an interesting read.  But I came away wondering what the point of it was and as though there was a moral or something I was supposed to be taking away but wasn’t.

Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre paperback, 288 pages, on TBR since Jan 2010

This is another book I gave up on a couple of times – this one after only a few pages.  It really jarred those times in part because the teenage MC swears a lot but his swear word of choice is Fucken and that spelling irritated me.  I’d put off picking this up again because of how jarring I found it.  I decided to take it on the train because that would be a set amount of time (25 mins each way) to read it without distraction and if I still didn’t like it I’d abandon it.  But I found once I got into it I could overlook the aspects that had previously annoyed me.  And this book is completely over the top and ridiculous but I did enjoy it.  I read it cover to cover in one day and consider it time well spent.  I probably wouldn’t read more by this author though.

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiel Hammett paperback, 213 pages, on TBR since early 2013

This was a quick and interesting read and a genre I don’t read often.  A very fast paced book that was hard to keep up with at times and I sort of feel like I need to read the ending again to understand what happened.

I’m almost all the way through a 4th book as well from this week but I don’t think I’ll finish that tonight so I’ll list it next week.

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