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J is for…

J is for Jokes.

OK so this would probably have been better as C is for Comedy but go with it…

I love comedy.  Especially live comedy.

I went to the comedy club at uni for the first time in my second year it was a friend’s birthday and I’d never thought of going before but she wanted to so I went along.  I was having a really shit day but I really enjoyed it.

I went back to comedy club at uni the next week.  And most weeks for the rest of the year and the two years that followed of my uni time.

Then I didn’t get to go to comedy regularly for a few years.  Until the Arts Centre opened here.  We go every couple of months now, sometimes more often.  And we’ve seen a lot of big names there – they often come to do warm up gigs and try out new material.

I’ve seen Jo Brand, Adam Hills, Al Murray, Lee Evans, Jason Manford, Michael McIntyre, Sean Locke, Jo Caulfield, Jenni Eclair, Sarah Millican, Dara O’Briain to name a few of the big names.  And I’ve seen many other acts including soem new and upcoming ones.

Sometimes we see people and we don’t like them at all – mum and I still judge acts against the worst one we saw together – I went to see Lee Nelson with a friend a couple of weeks ago.  I wasn’t a huge fan of his show and I described it to mum as “not great overall, funny in places. Not as bad as Shappi Khorsandi”

It’s hard to find words to explain why I love live comedy so much – especially because sometimes the funniest moments aren’t scripted routines and planned jokes but the moment when the comedian walks on and quips “so I’ve never been to Didcot before…” and the whole room goes “yeah, actually you have.” and he freezes horrified, checks the details then walks off stage again and comes back going “so it’s nice to be back…”

But I’d highly recommend giving it a go if you haven’t before.


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