L is for…

L is for Lost

L was going to be for something else but then I realised that under a different name would do for another letter, one I didn’t have something for.  And now as I write this I’m thinking I already said that for one letter and can’t remember which! Oops!

Then I thought of something else to write – L is for Lazy – but there’s not a lot to say for that and it led to much debate with myself about whether I’m still lazy.  I was when I was much younger and can still be in many ways but I’m substantially less lazy than I used to be.

L could be for Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey which I’m still more than six weeks later raving about.  It’s not quite pubished yet but well worth waiting for. See the many other blog entries in which I’ve mentioned this fact.

L could be for literature.  As well as reading pretty much anything I have a love for classic literature.  Not all the time but I read several books that fall into that genre every year.  To be honest I think everyone should.  Something I also wonder is what books published over the last few years will be considered part of that genres in 100 years time?

But I think the best thing L can be for is Leaving this blog entry here and going to chill in the sunshine before sailing.

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  1. Hi. I just found you through A to Z. Nice post. I sometimes wish I could be lazy. Out would be better for my health. Instead I work my arse off everyday! Nice to meet a fellow disabled writer.

    I’m writing flag fiction stories foot my A to Z posts. Pop over and say hi of you get a chance 🙂

    TD Harvey
    A to Z participant

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