M is for…

M is for Musicals!

I love, love, love musicals.

I quite like theatre in general but musicals are where my heart really lies.  I’ve seen a great meany in the theatre and I own a lot of soundtracks and listen to them often.  Several musicals I’ve seen more than once.

Here is a not exhaustive list of musicals I’ve seen

Cats (twice)

Grease (maybe 4 times?)

Rocky Horror (three times)

Legally Blonde

The Full Monty

The Sound of Music (twice)

Avenue Q

Sister Act

Fame (twice)


Blood Brothers






Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (can’t remember if that’s twice or three times)

Les Miserables

The Lion King

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We Will Rock You (twice)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Mary Poppins


Westside Story


Chicago (two or three times)

Hmm actually that may be an exhaustive list.  It’s certainly longer than I thought it would be and as I was writing it more kept coming to mind.  And at least one new musical will be added to that list this year – Dirty Dancing.  Plus, I hope to go see The Bodyguard in the summer.

There are still several musicals I’ve not seen that I’d love to – Matilda the Musical and Billy Elliot to name just two. Some of the musicals I’ve loved so much I’ve seen multiple times – (Grease I had said after three times I’d had my fill of but then a few years later I had a spur of the moment opportunity to see a friend of a friend in an am dram performance).  Some I’d love to see again (Wicked, Sister Act and Legally Blonde) are probably the top three on that list. Les Mis would be if it toured. And one or two didn’t live up to expectations, particularly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Full Monty (mostly because the ruined that by changing the setting from Sheffield to somewhere in America).

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