O is for…

O is for Oxford.

I live near Oxford and I’m there fairly reguarly.  I tend to prefer Reading for things like shopping because it’s more accessible (although Oxford is improving) but with friends living in Oxford and several things I can only do there I seem to end up in Oxford a couple of times a month.

I like places like The Jam Factory to hang out with friends.  I like a wander in Christ Church Meadow but don’t do it very often. And I like the Ashmolean although I can’t really explain why.  I often hear of other things I’d like to do there – talks and groups and social things but I can’t get to them, particularly things that end late evening due to transport.

I’ve not really done a lot of the touristy stuff to do in Oxford which is a shame given it’s 15 ish minutes on the train and so easy to get too.  Lately I’ve been planning a visit to another UK city for a few days and looking into what there is to do there.  I can’t help feeling that I should probably take some time to research that for Oxford and then take a day to do the same there.

But I know I probably won’t.  Because it’s Oxford and it’s nice but it’s my normal and it’s not exciting. And it sort of feels like I’ve been there, done that.

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