Reading Down My TBR Pile (week 4)

Not a great week for reading.  At one point earlier today I realised I was in the middle of reading four books (have since finished one so it’s down to three).  And I’ve bought two books this week which isn’t great for the TBR. I’ve finished one already though so it’s not too bad. Plus they were books I’ve been planning to buy for ages rather than spur of the moment purchases.

Appleby Farm (part 3) by Cathy Bramley ebook, 110 pages. Bought and read on the same day this week

I’ve been enjoying Appleby Farm but I don’t think I like the book in installments concept.  I find myself in the position of a couple of weeks to wait for the 4th and final part but already convinced I’ve worked out a huge part of the ending.  If I had the whole book that wouldn’t put off my enjoyment but I sort of feel like waiting and then spending another 99p for the rest of the book is a waste of money.  I’ll buy it and read it and most likely enjoy it.  But it does make me think I won’t read in installments again.

The Yorkshire Pudding Club by Milly Johnson paperback, 454 pages, on TBR since November 2014

This is another brilliant book by Milly Johnson.  I adore her books and can’t recommend them highly enough for fans of feel good fiction with a happy ending.

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