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R is for…

R is for Readathon

Over the last several years I’ve taken part in the twice yearly Dewey’s Readathon. I really enjoy taking the time to really get stuck into reading and focus on it for one day. Usually I only do really concentrated bursts of reading on the days when I have long train journeys. If, for example I go to London or Birmingham for a day it’s not at all unusual for me to get through an entire book and maybe part of a second. It’s not something I do too often throughout the year if I’m at home.

And I enjoy spending the time really focusing on my reading and leaving everything else to one side for a day

I was undecided about whether to take part in this April’s – on this coming Saturday – for various reasons that I won’t get into here but I have decided to take part again.  I’m going to focus more on the reading and less on the online participation side of things because it’s easy to get disheartened by the people posting they’re finishing their third book when I’m still on my first and that’s not what it’s about.  Also, I’m going to a craft workshop Saturday morning (ceramics) and won’t be back until just after the readathon starts – 1pm here in the UK.

But I am, looking forward to long uninterrupted reading session.  Just as soon as I decide what I’m going to read.

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