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S is for…

S is for Sailing

I take part in a local sailability (adaptive sailing) group once a week between April and October.

My relationship with sailing is a strange one because it’s not something I’d ever thought of taking part in until a friend spent over a year going on and on at me that i had to try it. I said I’d go. But only once and if I didn’t want to go again he had to shut up about it. I wasn’t going to want to go again, I was sure of it.

Well, I went one day back in 2006 and I’ve been going ever since. I loved it.

And even when in the depths of the off season on dark winter nights I wondered this year about trying something else and not going sailing I still endded up there on the water once the season started again and feeling the wind catch the sail and send the boat moving over the water loving every minute.

I’m tired today (long day at an interesting workshop and an early start) and I’m not sure I have the words to do sailing justice. I just looked at the saiing category on this blkog though and it seems I’ve writtten 60 some odd previous blogs on the subject so there’s plenty here if you need more convincing.,



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