X is for…

Today I want to write about something different.

I want to talk about voting.

Next week is the General Election here in the UK. I’ve always voted since I had the opportunity. I think it’s really important. People died so women could have the vote in the UK and in countries all over the world people are still fighting for the right to have a vote and a say in government. As a disabled person the ability to vote is even more crucial because there are still in 2015 people who can’t use their votes. Because the polling station is inaccessible or because they lack the support to get them to the polling station/allow them to use a postal or proxy vote. I’ve heard several stories along those lines.

It’s too easy for us here in the UK to take it for granted and not use our votes because we think it won’t make a difference, it doesn’t matter. I live in a safe Conservative seat. I’m pretty sure that they’ll get in again and my vote – my wish for another party – won’t count. But if every single person who didn’t vote, who never got round to it, thought it didn’t matter or was pointless went out and voted everything could change and it could count.

So rather than write some half assed blog entries about X-rays or something else that begins with X I wanted to use this entry to remind everyone that voting matters and ask everyone who lives in the UK and has a vote to make sure they use their X and vote for who they want to win the election.

And please – remember you are voting for the party and not the person.

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