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Y is for…

Y is for “you have got to be kidding me”

Today has been a day filled with aggravations and annoyances and has left me feeling pretty battered.

It’s all little stuff and bar two things it’s petty stuff – someone was thanking the key people involved in doing something and forgot that I’d been one of them. I popped quickly into Waterstones to look for a birthday present as I had a spare 15 mins and the layout of the store meant I couldn’t get into the section I wanted (too closely packed).  The trouble is it’s all today and no matter how petty something is and how unimportant in the big picture there all too quickly comes a point where all at once it’s too much to deal with.

And there’s some stuff in their about others expectations of me that I probably need to unpick a little to deal with.  But not today.

I did very much hit the point of thinking “oh you have got to be kidding me” when the last couple of aggravations hit.

There were some good things and I don’t want to pretend there weren’t.  I spent time with friends this evening and I got to chat with another friend on the phone. There’s a slim chance I’ll get to do something unexpected but very fun next week and I’m enjoying the book I was reading on the train. Plus, I got a copy of a book for free.

Had I been less tired and more with it I probably would have written something along the lines of “Y is for Yay I did it (almost!) and talked about this A to Z blogging challenge and what I think about it, what I’ve learned etc.  I’m really pleased to have made it practically all the way though the month and I think I will probably write more about that at a later date.

I don’t have the energy today (I barely had the energy to write this post)

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