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Z is for…

Z is for Zzzz

This post is being backdated to appear on the 30th but is actually being posted on the 1st because after a month of blogging everyday I forgot about it on the very last day! Then I did remember but I was making much sense as I was tired and it was late.

Having CP is known to cause fatigue.  I’ve seen various figures quoted for “people with CP use between X and Y times more energy” but they all vary and I think just like even people with the exact same CP diagnosis/classification are different that is too.  It’s true and it’s definitely something I have bur it’s also not something that’s easy to predict.  There have been times when I’ve said “sorry, I’m going out for an entire day on the Wednesday so I can’t do such and such on the Thursday, I’ll be too tired” and then woken up on the Thursday absolutely fine and other times when a so called normal Thursday morning in the bureau has led to a Thursday afternoon in bed asleep for several hours.

The other interesting thing is med fatigue.  I know loads and loads of people with CP who complain about taking baclofen and it knocking them out, leaving them groggy. The term “baclofen hangover” is something I’ve heard a lot.  It was all a bit alien to me though – i didn’t get knocked out by baclofen and it certainly didn’t leave me groggy.  Then last year I stopped taking it and suddenly had more energy.  I’d been taking it so long I’d obviously forgotten how it made me feel.

But sometimes (and last night) was one of them I’m just tired because I’ve had a busy day or two and lots of stress and not enough sleep.  The fact that as a person with CP I can still be tired (or have whatever symptom) for so called “normal” reasons is one that’s all to often overlooked. And that winds me up – because I’m more than my diagnosis and my disability.


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  • Fran Macilvey

    Dear Writer IAW,

    ZZZ is for CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve a rest. I’m so interested you write about this now, as I’ve been tired too, and not especially well, and I find it odd that seemingly ordinary days can knock me sideways. Others don’t understand that either.

    Thankfully I’ve never taken meds for CP and would resist it, I suspect.

    Thank you! XXX 😀

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