Third Time Lucky? Yes.

Just wanted to post a quick blog to say that it was indeed third time lucky and I not only made it to Birmingham yesterday but there were no problems at the theatre and after a lunch at Pizza Express Rachel and I were able to see Dirty Dancing.

It was good!  It wasn’t what I was expecting and wasn’t the most musical like musical I’ve ever seen but I enjoyed it and I’m glad we went.  I’d say that I’m not adding the soundtrack to the vast collection of musical soundtracks that fills my iTunes library but I seem to remember saying that after another friend and I saw Shrek last year and then about six weeks later I did buy the soundtrack after listening to it on youtube a few times.  So I’ll just say I don’t think I’ll be buying the soundtrack.

And as always Birmingham Hippodrome was very accessible.  It’s so quick and easy to get to from New Street station too so I think we’ll probably go to something there again.

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