Reading Down My TBR Pile – Week Nine

Not much to report this week.  As well as the one book I read I’ve been listening to an audiobook still but have a few hours to go before I finish it.

But in good news: the one book I’ve read was true “reading down my TBR pile” because I have no new additions to report.

I Can’t Begin To Tell You by Elizabeth Buchanpaperback, 498 pages, on TBR for 3 weeks, read in 8 days.

I’m not sure whether I’ve read anything by Elizabeth Buchan before – I know I’ve looked at a couple of her books when shopping but I can’t remember if I’ve read them or not. Can’t shake the feeling I might have but not convinced I have.

This was historical fiction set in one of my favourite time periods but covering an aspect I’d not considered and know little about along with another aspect I’m very interested in. Those combined together to make a meaty read packed full of substanced which kept me gripped to the end and left me wanting more.  This is quite a long read and has relatively small print so I knew it was going to be packed with content and was just hoping it was going to be worthwhile content.  And it definitely was.

It left me wanting to read more historical fiction and also more by Elizabeth Buchan.

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