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Spotted at the Sailing Club

I can’t believe tonight was the last sail in June and this is the first one of these posts I’ve done this year. Although I think between the couple of times I couldn’t go and it being called off due to weather several times and one or two other blips this was only the fourth or fifth Tuesday evening I’ve been on the water this year (not counting the regatta.) I think fourth but it’s niggling at my that it’s fifth although I can’t think when that was.

Lots of photos today – I think these might be the most I’ve posted in any one of these entries. We stayed late because there was a barbecue and it was a lovely social evening with yummy food and beautiful surroundings in which to watch the sunset.

Sunny evening at the sailing club

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Setting sun

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Apparently this is phenomenon called a sun dog

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Firey sunset reflecting on the water

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One last sunset pic at the end of a lovely evening

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