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Reading Down My TBR Pile – Week 16

My TBR pile has increased this week. I bought three books (two kindle, which I’ve read since buying them and one paperback), received one ebook for review (and requested another but have yet to hear back) and I downloaded a free classic from Project Gutenberg.

In addition to the two books listed here I’ve listened to two thirds of an audiobook. It doesn’t feel like I’ve read much at all this week.

Star Trek: New Frontier The Returned part 1 by Peter David ebook, 164 pages bought and read on the same day

I love Peter David books. He’s one of my favourite authors and was the author of the first ever Star Trek book I read (which for the record was Star Trek: The Next Generation A Rock and A Hard Place, a present for my 12th birthday and I loved. Would love to reread it). So to get a new Star Trek books by him is a real treat. The fact that there are two more parts to come this year is even better. Loved it.

The Great Village Show by Alexandra Brown ebook, 400 pages, on TBR pile for one day, read in two days.

I have to admit to being a bit disappointed by this book. Oh it was a fun read and a good story. But it’s the second in Alexandra Brown’s Tindledale series. And I absolutely adored the first, The Great Christmas Knit Off so was really excited to read this. But everything I loved about The Great Christmas Knit Off isn’t in The Great Village Show – the main characters in the first are mentioned in passing only in the second and there’s very little of the crafts that were so pivotal and gave it it’s wonderful crafty vibe. I liked this and had it been a standalone book I’d have been much more enthusiastic. But in a series with The Great Christmas Knit Off it’s a let down. It was worth the read and there’s nothing wrong with it as a book but if like me you loved the first and that’s why you want this book I suggest buyer beware.

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