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A Daughter’s Secret by Eleanor Moran

I received a free copy of A Daughter’s Secret by Eleanor Moran via NetGalley/Simon and Schuster

Mia is a high-flying child psychotherapist, hoping to be made partner in the thriving practice where she works. But then she takes on a case which will change her life for ever, and bring back the past she has done her best to bury.

Thirteen year old Gemma was the last person to see her father before he went on the run, fleeing from a major criminal trial. The police are desperate to track him down, pressuring Mia to tease the information out of his angry and reluctant daughter. But what does Gemma really know and how hard can Mia push without betraying her?

Both are hiding devastating secrets. Both need the other to survive. Will they learn to trust each other before it’s too late?

This was a really fun read despite it’s somewhat tricky subject matter.  I read it on the train to and from London – when I left the house I hadn’t started it and when I got home I’d finished it.  I loved it and really wanted to know what happened – I was racing to finish it as the train called at the last few stops before mine because I didn’t want to have to put it down for the few minutes it takes me to get home.

This is the first full length novel I’ve read by Eleanor Moran and I’ll definitely be looking out for more by her as she has a style I found really engaging, the ability to write characters who are real and just brilliant and it ended with a twist I didn’t see coming. Plus it covered a topic I rarely read about in women’s fiction so it was really fresh – a lot of what I’ve been reading in this genre has felt samey and predictable lately and it was a really nice change.
I highly recommend this book and really hope Eleanor Moran writes a sequel because I desperately want to know what’s next for both Gemma and Mia. If I had a criticism it would be it isn’t long enough!

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