Um, what day is it?

Today’s been one of those days that’s been a little confusing and I have to stop and think about what day it is.

Because it’s Wednesday. But Monday stuff didn’t happen because of the bank holiday.

That’s not what’s confused me. Yesterday, yes I was a little thrown to start with but by this morning I’d gotten over that.

Until I spent this morning at CAB.  Up until the last month or so I’d have told you that was a Thursday thing.  But in August and occasionally before that some Thursdays have been substituted with Wednesdays at CAB.  It really confused both me and my supervisor the first week back in August I did a Wednesday as I hadn’t done one for ages. I was talking about something being the next day and there was this moment when we both just paused and went “or Friday.” I’ve done three Wednesdays at CAB since the beginning of August so they’re becoming more normal again but I do have to think for a minute when I first wake up to remind myself that yup, I’m at CAB today. It still throws me off a little and it’ll probably confuse me more next time it happens because I’ve not got any more Wednesdays at CAB scheduled for now.

But then after CAB I came home for a bit before going out again to what we call knitting.  I meet up with friends I originally met in a stitch and bitch type group.  And we almost always meet on a Thursday. Plus we’re usually evening people. So today being a 4pm on a Wednesday meet up was basically I thought going to be the last thing that made me confused about what day it is.  I’d done two of the three things I do on Thursdays (the third is standing), surely it must be Thursday. I’d had as Mum described it on the phone “Thursday, on Wednesday?”

Only… Wednesdays are also Great British Bake Off night.  It’s the first time since the first week I’ve watched it live. And watching it threw off my “Thursday?” feeling.  But even though this is the second series that’s been on a Wednesday I still associate Bake Off with watching the clock to wonder if we’ll be home in time from sailing to watch it then finding something to do until it ends when we aren’t, making a post sailing sandwich and stalking iPlayer until it’s available.  And being that sailing is a Tuesday thing, those are Tuesday things. Bake Off is a Tuesday thing.

So I’m giving up on knowing what day it is today.  Hopefully I’ll wake up with more of a clue tomorrow!

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