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Random Bullet Points of Life

For the things worth mentioning but not worth their own blog entry

I promised to post a Reading Down My TBR Pile blog entry today but I don’t actually have anything to write in one. I’m in the middle of an audiobook and a book but haven’t finished anything.

At 4 o’clock Thursday morning a police chase ended with the suspect jumping out of his still moving van. Which then crashed into my fence waking me up and scaring me.

I’ve not been too well for a few days but it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what’s wrong with me.  As part of not being too well I spoke to 111 on Saturday night. I told both the people I spoke to that I use a wheelchair but neither of them asked why. I doubt that matters but I think it’s weird.  I’m much better than I was.

Hopefully my terribly squeaky powerchair is finally going to be fixed Thursday or Friday this week. I’m getting a bit sick of all the “you should oil that” well meaning comments. Because it actually needs replacement castors and you know lubricant is such a good alternative to that. /sarcasm

I’ve signed up to do another mosaic workshop in November

Last week I really didn’t enjoy sailing and I came away wanting to give up. At the moment I don’t intend to but…. (I actually did start writing a longer blog about that then abandoned it)

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