15 in 31

It’s fair to say I’ve not been reading very much lately other than random crap online – usually fanfic but I read a lot of random forum stuff too.  I’ve got lots of stuff I want to read but I’m not getting round to it.

I’m also quite behind on my two reading goals for the year – my Goodreads challenge which was to read 120 books this year (currently 8 books behind at 81 books read in 2015) and to hit 200 books read from the 1001 books to read before you die (I’d need to check my app but I’ve read approx 170 from it).

So when Andi from Estella’s Revenge posted about her intention to read 15 books in the 31 days of October I decided to join in.  It’s quite a substantial challenge but Dewey’s 24 readathon is in the middle of October and I usually read a couple of books in that day and I’ve also got a couple of long train journeys planned so in theory there are a couple of things in my favour this month that might not otherwise be.  Regardless of whether or not I meet the challenge any extra reading is a good thing!

I’m not going to post a list of books I plan to read because I like to be flexible but there will definitely be ebooks, audiobooks, paperbacks and hardbacks featuring.  I’m also planning to hit the library for some books because I like to use and support our local library but haven’t been there for a few months, possibly longer.

I think the first book will be The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night Time by Mark Haddon which I borrowed from my Mum.

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