Readathon – October 2015

It’s the readathon today!

Usually on the morning of the readathon (it runs lunchtime to lunchtime in the UK) I would go buy supplies. But I’ve been waiting in to get my broadband fixed (and fixed it is!) so with an hour to go I’m off to Sainsburys quickly.

I’d like to read 4 books but I’ll be very happy with 3 and would settle for two.

2:45pm update: I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami for the last week or two and so far I’ve listened to that for 33 minutes (I was listening at 1.5x speed so actually listened to around 45 minutes of it) of that while putting my shopping away and making and eating a sandwich. I had intended to listen for 30 minutes but I did the extra couple of minutes to finish the chapter.

5:08pm update: I treated myself to two new books when I had an hour or so to kill after the wheelchair rugby yesterday in Westfield Stratford. What can I say? They have Foyles in Westfield and I love Foyles and rarely get to one (although as they know have a branch in Grand Central in Birmingham I may get to one slightly more often now). One of the books (Wicked by Gregory Maguire) is something I’ve been wanted to read ever since I saw Wicked the Musical last year, keep looking at in bookshops and not buying. I decided yesterday was the day to finally buy it.  But that’s not a readathon book because I want to take my time with it.

The second book I bought was An Island of Our Own by Sally Nicholls.  She’s a kidlit writer I’ve read other books by and know they are short but fun books that I enjoy a lot. Plus it has a gorgeous cover so I couldn’t resist buying it.  It’s got 221 pages and I read it cover to cover in just over an hour and a half – the way it’s spaced/typed etc means it’s an extremely quick 221 pages as several pages are blank.

8:31pm Update: Since I last updated I’ve read another book. Star Trek: New Frontier – The Returned Part 3 by Peter David. That’s a novel that’s being seralised in ebook format over three parts and it had 171 pages. I was a little disappointed by this. I love Star Trek books and Peter David is my favourite author. This had all the things I love about his writing but didn’t seem as good as previous. I know from reading serialised novels in other genres that I’m not a massive fan of the format and I suspect I may have enjoyed this a lot more had it been a whole book. However the editing also left something to be desired – the main character in another Star Trek series is mentioned once and her name was spelled the wrong way.  I’d like to read all three parts back to back and see if I get more from it that way. But I’m not sure I will.

I also listened to some of more of Dance Dance Dance while sorting dinner – another 35 minutes.  I’m beginning to suspect I’ll finish that during the Readathon but I think it’ll be back to the books for my next read. I’m gonna take a break for a little while first though.

Update 12:41 am: this will be my last update until tomorrow morning my time as I’m going to bed once this is posted.  I found it hard to get back to reading after my break to eat my dinner.  But I did eventually get back to it and listened to another 10 minutes or so (another chapter) of Dance Dance Dance.  I then read Still Reigning by @Queen_UK on my Kindle which has 272 pages according to goodreads, amazon and my kindle but frankly it felt shorter and I’d have guessed 172 pages.  That may just be because it’s short chapters on a variety of subjects made it fly by. I used to love @Queen_UK tweets but they’ve gone downhill later. And I really loved Gin O’Clock.  Still Reigning however I didn’t enjoy as much. I was glad I read it because I was curious and keen to read it but if a third comes out I probably won’t.

Sleep time.

Update 10:44 am. I wasn’t up as early as planned but I’m now listening to the end of Dance Dance Dance.

11:33 Update: I’ve finished Dance Dance Dance, listening to another 38 minutes to do so.  This is probably going to be my last readathon update because I can’t fit another whole book in in the time left and I have some writing and other stuff I need to get done before going to visit my very new nephew (he was born on Tuesday) and the rest of my family in the late afternoon.  But once I’m home this evening I’m planning to read If On a Winter’s Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino.  I was planning to read that this morning and finish Dance Dance Dance but frankly I went back to sleep after my alarm went off.

I’ve really enjoyed this readathon – two of my three reading challenges are looking much healthier for doing so.  But it’s fair to say a lot of what I thought I’d read when I was hosting the @readathon twitter account earlier in the week and when I posted my pre-readathon post I didn’t. Which is cool, I’d suspected I wouldn’t. I’m hoping that I can finish the several books I’m in the middle over of the next few days and get it looking much better.  I’m also really excited because I won a $15 book from BookDepository as a door prize for taking part in the readathon and I’ve asked for Katy by Jaqueline Wilson which I’ve been really wanting to read but was waiting for it to come out in paperback. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on this post – I hope to get round and visit blogs etc in the next few days.

Running total: 3 books, 664 pages, 1 hour, 56 minutes of audiobook

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  1. Wow, that was a quick read there for Island of Our Own! Wicked is interesting, but I think you are wise to hold off on reading that today. Lots of details to take in! Sounds like it has been a great readathon for you so far. Keep it up and happy reading!

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