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    Two rarely seen finished objects

    A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how I have the curse of the unfinished object. Well, since then I finished two of the unfinished projects I mentioned (and attempted a new project but it didn’t work) Here is the hat I made with my knitting loom.  This picture shows the colours best I think – it’s a chunky colour changing yarn in shades of pinks and purples with a little black.  Because the loom knitting is done working in the round it’s done solely in knit stitch but comes out in stockinette. I finished this a few days after I wrote the above linked blog post. This is…

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    A Month of Blogging

    After blogging everyday this month I’ve got no ideas for things to write today that I can actually write. I’ve got several books to review but none are finished. I’ve got a craft project to share but I need to weave the ends in before I can take pictures (and I want this blog posted before my takeaway arrives otherwise I’d wait and do that) I’m going to be writing for a new website. But that hasn’t launched yet so there’s only a short intro post to see there. It’s fair to say I’ve enjoyed my month of daily blogging and I’ve gotten a lot out of carving a slot…

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    Earlier this week I was talking to an acquaintance who was saying I handle things very well.  They’d been around when I’d found myself struggling with access woes a while ago and been impressed with how I handled it. It’s not the first time since that this has come up. They mentioned that I’m not the only disabled person they know and the others get angry in ways I don’t. I think it is – or was meant to be – a compliment. I’m not sure I did handle it well. I’m not sure it’s a situation that can be handled well – life doesn’t come with a handbook for…

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    Thirteen Favourite Instagram Photos

    I just scrolled all the way back through my Instagram feed and found some photos I’d forgotten about. There is a massive gap in my feed however as I stopped using Instagram for the better part of a year. So for Thursday Thirteen here are Thirteen of my Favourite Instagram Pics Flower related mistake A photo posted by Emma (@funkyfairy22) on Jul 30, 2011 at 9:40am PDT Milo A photo posted by Emma (@funkyfairy22) on Sep 3, 2011 at 2:13pm PDT A wheelchair full of presents was waiting for me when I arrived at my parents house Christmas morn A photo posted by Emma (@funkyfairy22) on Mar 8, 2012 at…

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    My Red Pen

    I’m a writer. I can’t really remember ever not being a writer even if I didn’t do it regularly before my late teens. It’s in my blood.  And as a part of that I’ve been involved in Tenants’ Times for a while (a hyperlocal newspaper for people who get their housing through Soha Housing). Since June I’ve been editor and on Monday proof read the second edition I’ve edited. It’s interesting and I mostly enjoy it.  We’re completely volunteer run which does make for some challenges and I tend to find the last few days before the deadline stressful. But on the whole it’s good – I enjoy working with…

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    Blog, Interrupted

    One of the modules that’s part of my Foundation Certificate in Journalism is about writing for digital media – pretty much blogging. So I’ve been thinking about my blog in different ways to I usually would. Last week I spent some time going through the various drafts on here. And I deleted most of them. To be completely honest several of them I couldn’t even remember what the point I wanted to make was. I think I deleted something like eight unfinished drafts going as far back as last spring. I left two.  One I will finish. Definitely.  I’m annoyed with myself that I’ve not posted it yet especially as…

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    Reading Down My TBR Pile (2016 Edition) – Week Three

    This week has been a good reading week! Lots of books read this week and they were all good. Lots of long sessions of reading too – I’ve been missing those and I’m glad to get back to them. First I read Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley.  I’ve now read all four of her books and enjoyed them.  It was definitely worth waiting for this to come out as a whole novel rather than reading it in 4 monthly installments.  I don’t seem to enjoy books as much like that but it is very hard to resist them when you know it’s an author you enjoy so much.  It was…

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    The Noise Next Door

    I love live comedy. And with an arts centre only a few minutes wheel away that does great comedy at a reasonable price (plus bonus free carer tickets for whoever goes with me) I’m lucky enough to get to go often. Last night was the first live comedy of the year – The Noise Next Door – and it was good. Capital G Good. A friend and I saw them do a short set (maybe 20 minutes) as part of a comedy club last year. We tried the comedy club twice and weren’t overally impressed with it – the first time was OK and having seen these guys we really…

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    Henry Pics

    Here’s a picture from today of me with my nephew Henry who is three months old. People keep asking me about him so I thought it time to share another photo. And because I love it here’s another of him on Boxing Day complete with paper hat.

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    An Evening in the Pub

    I wasn’t going to blog about this but one of the others on my journalism course suggested I should. Earlier this week a bunch of us from CAB went to a pub in a nearby town to eat.  It was our post Christmas, Christmas social (we always have it in January).  It’s not a town or pub I know. But based on what I’d heard of the access I didn’t have alarm bells ringing Then we got to the pub and as my colleague drove past the main entrance and into the car park I could see it had a step. I didn’t know about that step. Across the dark…