A Few Goals

I am feeling better today. I still have an absolutely disgusting cough and I’m not right but I’ve improved on yesterday. So given that I felt better I spent some time thinking about my goals for this year.  Most of them are reading and/or writing goals

Full disclosure: some of these goals were goals last year and I didn’t meet them. At least one has been an unmet goal for longer than that. But I’ll try again.

Read 115 books. I read 108 books (or 29,798 pages) in 2015. I hope 115 is doable in 2016 but some of them I have in mind are relatively long so I may need to reevaluate this goal.  Ideally I’d prefer to set a pages goal (I have 31,000 in mind) as I think that’s more accurate – at least one of my friends appears to have read more than me going by her books listed on Goodreads but when we compare pages I have because I read longer books – but Goodreads doesn’t let you do that.

Read My Own Damn Books logoRead my own damn books.  Andi from Estella’s Revenge is hosting a “you do you” challenge to read your own books and tackle your TBR pile.  It’s something I definitely need to do.

I’m not saying I’m not going to buy books. I’m saying I’m going to read more of the ones I already own and buy fewer. As a part of that I’m not going to by any in January (and the friend who is always appearing with books for me to borrow has been asked not to do so this month)

Make more of my blogging. Do it more often. I love blogging and I think over the last year or so I’ve forgotten that fact so I’m trying to rediscover that love this year. I’m taking part in a daily blogging challenge this month to try and help that.

Finish a draft of a novel (or the novel length fanfic that’s been bugging me). This is the goal that’s been around for years and as I keep saying this year is the year.

More crafts. Definitely more crafts. I love crafts and have masses of materials waiting to be used.

Try and have one “day out” a month. Doesn’t have to cost a lot of money just get out and do something different and have fun.

Basically if I’m completely honest over the last few months if not the last year I’ve spent a lot of time wasting time online and not doing stuff (it’s a touch of the old depression I think) – all of these goals could basically be summed up as more doing and less floundering around online watching what others do.

2 thoughts on “A Few Goals”

  1. I love your goal to read a certain number of books/pages. I haven’t done that in a while and without it I haven’t been reading as much as I use to. As I start my 2016 Goal planning I have to keep this in mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Praying your success,

  2. But I like floundering around watching others online! (Okay, so it’s often just to reassure myself that their lives really are no more awesome than mine – but seriously, if it weren’t for Facebook I’d have no social life. As an introvert, that doesn’t sound entirely awful, mind you – but I do love my Facebook friends!) I thought “Read Your Own Damned Books” meant just that – literally. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten which short story is in which anthology… 🙂 I should probably join that challenge, though, and work through the books I have and haven’t read. And if I run out, there are back issues of National Geographic (Classic, pre-Murdoch editions going back to the 1970s).

    We really do seem to have a lot in common – glad I met you and found my way to your blog after you found your way to mine via the UBC!

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