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I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this topic before but I can’t find the post (one of the downside of having blogged for 15+ years although it’s not really a downside…). So I will write it again and hope not to end up rehashing too much old ground.

As a person I’m more than what most people think I am. People see me, see my wheelchair and they think they know who and what I am. But they don’t. I’m a writer, a crafter, a reader, a CAB volunteer, a sailor, a sister, a new aunt and a blogger. I’m all too often lazy, I’m fat, I wear glasses and right now I’m sleepy. And yes I can’t walk. It’s part of who I am and it influences my life in massive ways.  It’s not my whole life.

People don’t tend to see it that way. We like to know who people are and when you see me in my big powerchair that’s battered and often covered in mud it’s an obvious and easy assumption to make. Emma? She’s a wheelchair user. But if that’s all you see then really you’re missing out on me.

I’ve been thinking about that because the blogging challenge I’m taking part in required you to post what category your blog was in. And mine didn’t really fit into any of the limited categories. Everyday you post you have to specify what category that post falls under from an even more limited list of categories. There isn’t an other or none of the above option.

The categories are important according the organisers (and I guess they do help picking out others posts to read) and people would benefit from this as it would help them know who their audience is.  I know who my audience is – anyone who wants to read it.  I don’t know what my category is.

I blog about what I’m thinking about. I write about the books I’m reading, the places I’ve been and occasionally the people I’ve seen. I write about disability, things that I’m thinking about, and rarely politics. I post photos, take about crafts and sailing and absolutely anything else that comes to mind.

This has been called a disability blog before.  It’s not something I set out to be.  I’ve been called a book blogger as well and that is something I work consciously on and write a lot about. But if you come here and are put off because it’s not just about disability (I can’t remember when I last wrote a post just about that but I will have one later this week) or because I write about things other than books this isn’t the blog for you.

I can’t categorise my blog because it’s beyond definition. There are entries on here dating back to 2006, over 1000 of them (and more dating back to 2000 lost to the depths of the Internet in other places). It’s wide and huge and a little bit scary to think about how much is here and how many hours and days I’ve spent writing these entries and sharing my thoughts.  And it’s not just one or two things – in those 15 years I’ve gone from my first year at uni to a new graduate living alone for the first time to where I am now.

So if you’re new here from the Ultimate Blogging Challenge or anywhere else then welcome. But please take a look around and see what there is here before you put this blog (or me) into a little box based on assumptions. Neither the blog nor me does that very well and we’ve much more to offer.

4 thoughts on “Beyond Definition”

  1. I would say this fits into the “It’s Personal” category. The categories were based on the input of all the members of the Ultimate Blog Challenge Facebook group. It’s been working out quite well so you can choose which blogs are of interest to go read based on titles and categories.
    In marketing it’s important to know who your audience is. If you are blogging for personal reasons then that isn’t so important but it’s why we added the It’s Personal category!
    So it can be based on the blog of the day if you write on a diverse amount of topics and your goal is to just write!
    Hope that helps clear it up for you and for others who may thing we initiated some complex and irritating rules 😉

  2. Dear Emma,

    You are, of course, beyond definition.. It reminds me of a comment my mother made years ago, about never wishing to be toooooo easy to read. That would mean she was easily sussed out, and there’s a lot more to most of us than meets the eye, isn’t there? I hope you have a great year, and that you find a category that fits your blog. You might not, though, and that’s fine. xxxx 😀

  3. Beyond definition, absolutely. It makes me remember a statement, If you define me, you don’t know me. Thank you.

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