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Loom Knitting

I got a set of knitting looms for Christmas and since New Year’s Day I’ve been doing a little everyday.  I seem to be getting the hang of it and so far I like it.

Here’s a picture of my first project on 2nd January 20160102_104200.jpg

I’d show you a picture of it today (much bigger and with added green yarn) but I reached a point where I needed to stop or turn it into something other than a mindless learning piece with no purpose.  I showed Mum when she came round earlier and I was thinking do a bit more and turn it into either a snood or a bag.

But then disaster struck and I made my second big mistake (my first big mistake was on my third ever round so it didn’t really matter). And I couldn’t fix it.  And it was just becoming more and more unravelled as I tried.

So I can’t show you a picture and it’s not going to be a snood or a bag. It’s going to be a pile of frogged yarn waiting to be made into something else. Which might then turn out to be a snood or a bag or maybe even a hat.

I’ve been researching and watched a few YouTube videos and although at first I thought you couldn’t do a lot with these beyond round items in stockinette stitch it seems the possibilities are basically endless.  So I’m keen to do more.

I don’t think it will ever replace regular knitting or crochet (which I seem to be enjoying the most at the moment) in my heart but it’s fun, easy and so far doesn’t require a lot of brain power which makes it the perfect thing to do while listening to audiobooks or watching TV.

My biggest complaint is I don’t know what to call it “I think I’ll go do some looming” makes little sense and although I think people refer to it as knitting that doesn’t feel right to me.  Because if I say I’ve been knitting there should be a pair of needles involved. Watch this space.


  • Marian Allen

    Yeah, “looming” sounds like you’re the muscle of a protection racket. Somebody the boss would indicate and say something like, “Dis here is my … associate, Knuckles.” You’d have to change your name to Knuckles, you know. “Dis here is my … associate, Emma,” just doesn’t … well … LOOM.

  • Holly Jahangiri

    Wouldn’t it be weaving, if it’s done on a loom? Oh, Roy beat me to the best pun…

    My “punishment pig” is crochet. I like the portability of crochet and the fact that I can basically do it with one hook and a ball of yarn, if I want to. I have no clue how to knit – or at least no clue how to knit anything but long, straight, rectangles I can’t ever take off the needles. Curtains, perhaps? For very narrow windows?

    I wondered what you could actually DO with one of these knitting looms besides long, cylindrical things (seems awfully advanced, for me, but not much more useful). I look forward to seeing more on this from you!

  • Alana

    I’ve heard of spool knitting (used to do it as a child). Haven’t heard of loom knitting. Although I’ve crocheted for some 45 years, I have never been able to conquer knitting – I’ve tried to learn three times, including from someone who said “I can teach anyone!”. Not sure this loom knitting would work for me either. Yeah, I would be a looming disaster…but seriously, I hope you do master this. All crafts are hard at first!

  • Anna Maria Junus

    Here from UBC.

    I work in a craft store and we sell those looms. As for me, I bought some for my daughter, tried it out and hated it. My needles are so much faster! But if you like loom knitting, go for it! And the magic thing about yarn, is that you can take it apart and start all over again and make something completely different.

    As for the name looming…how about klooming? Or knooming? Or “making a scarf”.

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